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Our Non-Slip Is Truly State Of The Art...

Step One - Non-Slip Application Step Two - Non-Slip Application Step Three - Non-Slip Application
  • Our Non-Slip is basically our primer mixed with ground polyester (looks like very fine white sand).
  • It is shaped with a special roller and can be formed to ANY size.
  • It then has at least FIVE coats of Our Material put over it (at least 2 Primer Coats & at least 3 Topcoat Coats).
  • What is left when the entire process is done; is a slightly rough bottom perfect for the person who takes mostly showers. The Non-Slip is not necessary for showers but We still offer the option because We know some customers perfer a non-slip bottom over a smooth bottom.

Who Is The Non-Slip Surface For?

  • Anyone who is concerned with the safety of getting in or out of their bathtub.
  • Generally the Elderly and Small Children.

Keep In Mind That A Tub Refinished By BathCare, Will Be As Slippery As A New Tub.

As You Can See, Our Non-Slip Is Nearly Invisible After The TopCoat.

Non-Slip After PrimerNon-Slip After Primer

Non-Slip After TopcoatNon-Slip After Topcoat

Qualities Of Our Non-Slip

  • You don't have to put it in or take it out everytime you use your bathtub. (When Resurfaced)
  • It doesn't hurt the longevity of your tub.
  • It is very easy to clean.
  • The Non-Slip will help hide any deep scratches or chips in the original porcelain.
  • It has a professional look to it & is nearly invisible.

If You Are Interested In A Non-Slip Please Ask When Scheduling.